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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello, I've Missed You.

Too stubborn, too ignorant, too crazy about you
I didn't know that love was blind
To say this world was made for us
I never knew, I never tried
-Passing Time, New Found Glory

Summer vacation always makes me nostalgic, no matter what I chose to do. I guess it's always because I'm separated from a routine and most of my friends for two months and am given too much time to think about the little things that have happened in my life. Today as I was racing through the vast sea of highways known as Houston, I decided that my current playlist on my ipod just wasn't hitting the spot for the environment I was in. So I decided to call up an old favorite, Nothing Gold Can Stay by New Found Glory. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions and memories that I thought I had left behind along with my middle school antics. There's just something about certain pop-punk albums, such as Nothing Gold Can Stay, that just yank at my heartstrings, begging me to sing along to every word, or make me remember the difficulties of pre-algrebra, my 7th grade in-between shoe size and awkward middle school crushes. It's with this that I present my own personal pop punk favorites that are responsible for my love for music today. I highly recommend any of these albums if you haven't given them a listen yet. Maybe you'll be able to relive your hormone filled middle school memories all over again with these simple pop hooks and lyrics that you can seemingly relate to any part of your life.

Let It Happen- MXPX

It Never Snows In Florida- New Found Glory

Dude Ranch- Blink 182

All Killer, No Filler- Sum 41

Sticks And Stones- New Found Glory

Texas One Ten- Horace Pinker

Perhaps, I Suppose- Rufio

And finally...

Through Being Cool- Saves The Day

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