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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Macbook Hype

Today Apple introduced its newest member of the Macbook family, the Macbook Air. Of course, everyone's initial thought was "Oh wow, That's amazing, look how thin and pretty it is!" After recovering from the shock of this incredibly thin machine I decided to check out the tech specs. The Macbook Air is basically as thick as a few sheets of paper stuck together (.14 inches, .4 centimeters). However, my laptop which was released in 2006 has a faster processor speed than this new, and supposedly amazing computing machine. I'm sorry Apple, but 1.6 GHZ, or sorry the optional 1.8 GHZ is so two years ago. Sorry, I'm not going to pay $3,000 for a pretty little laptop that has an outdated processor! Furthermore, the hard drive is quite pathetic. 80GB? Come on, I know it must be difficult to fit more in that thin little case but it's a little bit lame to be charging $3000 for such outdated specs. The only plus is the included 2GB memory, but still that doesn't make up for the overall price.

Sadly enough, Hollywood's influence has reached the computer industry. This should be a sad day for the tech savvy around the world. Thin, shiny and beautiful is the new stereotypical idea of a nice laptop, and Apple's selling it as if its the most amazing product created! Their newest products, this new Macbook Air and their recently released Ipod Touch are just like hot, plastic girls. Beautiful on the outside, but horrible on the inside. This laptop is the definition of technological anorexia, a sad disease that Apple has caught! We want speed! We want memory! We want a reliable laptop that we won't snap in half! And we want it for a decent price! That's all we ask! You never used to have a problem supplying the masses with reliable and state-of-the-art products! What happened?

What's even sadder about this whole situation is that they're advertising this new Macbook as if it's the best notebook they offer. Best price, best overall system, everything. The other Macbook models are definitely a better alternative to this, yet because of Apple's amazing advertising skills, they will trick those who are simply looking for a new laptop into buying this.

I'm disappointed with Apple at this point. They had something great going. They created the most popular mp3 player of all time, the notorious ipod. They've released solid notebooks loaded with features for a fairly decent price up until this point. I hope this trend of releasing over hyped products doesn't continue for long.

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